Mississauga/Oakville   On-going classes for 2016
Day and Time
Course Description

9:00 to 10:00pm
1 to 2pm

2 to 3pm

3 to 4pm
Salsa group class
Turn patterns
Latin body motion
Foot speed

Note - You need to take at least one Intro class
before you can join the group class
Intro Class
Basic salsa foot pattern
and 6 variations of it.
The first 12 turn patterns.

Note - These Intro classes are
all by appointment only.

New classes start every week.
This way you can start now.
Note - More classes are  added before 1:00 and after 4:00 when needed.

Register for the time you'd like and we will contact you with alternative times if the  time you chose has been taken.
The Salsa Dance Floor
Contact Info
Phone 905-815-3530
Wedding and event performances available.
The video above is a latin ballroom performance
clip done by a competitive amateur couple.
It is not salsa dancing.

Pricing (all prices subject to hst)

A Card - 10 classes - $15/class x 10 equals $150
Classes are 1 1/2 hours. That equals $10 per hour.
The card is valid for 15 weeks.

Privates for one or two people are $79.65

Drop-ins are $17.70

Methods of payment

Cash or cheques only
Group and private salsa lessons
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Services Provided

  • group salsa lessons

  • private salsa lessons
         in home - studio - office - school

  • corporate salsa lessons

  • dance lessons for parties

  • wedding first dance classes

  • private groups

Gift certificates available

Open every Sunday and Tuesday 
Intro Classes                         How many Intro classes do I need?                         Dancing and tension                         What is Sistema?                       Video gallery
Mission Statement
To create a lively environment of music and dance where people learn how to connect
and to remind people that it's part of everyone's purpose in life to just have fun.

What do the students have to say?

I would highly recommend this to anyone - well worth the time

Rocco makes learning salsa easy and enjoyable. Thanks to his emphasis on simple basics and building on what you already know. I find it very easy to learn this way.

Class is always fun - while burning calories!

From TSDF - Dancing is about comfort. That's it! Our main goal is to make it easy and comfortable for you. So getting through the salsa dance patterns you learn is easy and enjoyable. It's all about having fun!

Who is The Salsa Dance Floor?

We teach using a proprietary method called Sistema. It's based on four key principles. We teach these starting in the beginning, in personalized classes called Intro classes. This continues once you move into a group class.

Key principle 1 - Personal learning curve.
In the first 3 hours of learning, there can be a 15:1 difference in learning speed between any two people. That's very common and reasonable. You're learning a new way to move and it's imperative that you learn it at your own speed. This can't happen in a group setting. This is one of the main reasons we start everyone off in the beginning with their own personalized Intro classes.

Key principle 2 - Tension control.
Dancing well has to do with tension control. Your own that is, not your partner's. This can only be learned one on one with an instructor. This is also why we start everyone on their own in our Intro classes.

Key principle 3 - Simple patterns.
Salsa is danced as random patterns strung together. We teach short patterns, so you don't need to memorize complicated patterns or what feels like choreographies. We teach salsa, the way you dance it on a dance floor.

Key principle 4 - Rhythm.
About 20% of the population think that they are rhythmically challenged. Not so. Rhythm is contagious. If you're not getting it, it's because your are tense or most likely you are trying to hold rhythm in more than one place at a time in your body. This is easily fixed with one on one instruction. This is looked after in our Intro classes.

The way to start is by booking your first Intro class.


10:00 to 10:30pm
Salsa practice for the group class
Dance partners not required.
Singles are welcome!
45% to 72% less expensive
from dance lesson to dance floor!
based on starting with 10 of our Intro Classes
versus the standard of taking dance classes by the series